Leisa Coffman was born and raised in the hills of West Virginia. She moved away at 18 to Northern California and eventually settled in the Mid-Western city of Columbus, Ohio, where she has lived for over 30 years.

Leisa has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and this is how she learned her natural abilities as a Filmmaker, and Producer.

Also, as a  Singer/Songwriter and Storyteller Leisa has written songs and stories since she has been a child.

Her love of meditation and human energy has helped her to additionally,  further educate herself through intense studies of the universal truths of our own abilities. 


Leisa believes and science has even proven that there is nothing on this planet  stronger than the emotion of love. This is why it is her belief that love could solve all problems of the world if we simply believe.

Her mission is to create films that help people see the resilience of the human spirit.

She is also the Director and Founder of the Luna Lumen Film Festival where filmmakers can submit their films from all around the globe.