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Crab Nebula


Leisa Coffman had a profound life changing experience (Awakening) in 2003 that broadened her view on humanity and her existence. Another Awakening followed 20 years later (2023) to the exact date for an even broader view of her full purpose. In the new year of 2024, she came to realize she is to help others in a deeper search of their existence. Through her own life changing experiences Leisa creates original music, films, meditation techniques and products that feeds the body, mind and soul/spirit.  Luna Lum is BODY, MIND & SPIRIT. 


Luna Lum offers health and beauty products that are her own branded products. Infused oils, powders and scrubs available in their store. 




Luna Lum offers live workshops with her own methods of meditation. 



Leisa is a writer, singer/songwriter, filmmaker, creator and developer. As a filmmaker, Leisa, is innovative and thinks outside the box and this is what makes her an Avant Garde type of creator. Her work has been compared to the Director, Godfrey Reggio. Award-winning novelist and screenwriter, Trey Ellis, said of her experimental short film A Place was, "Gorgeous! I was reminded of Koyaanisqatsi. The words and music are haunting and gorgeous. The old and new images are lovely. There is much talent on display here."


Leisa enjoys writing about the resilience of the human spirit and about life experiences we all can relate to. In her short film The Porcelain Bird, Rafael Agustín, a writer on the award-winning Jane The Virgin said, "You did a wonderful job with Buttercup, and with setting the mood of the piece. I could really feel the texture with how you lit it and shot it. You did fantastic with the visual storytelling. What a sweet story. Very poetic! The music! My God, I can't tell you how hooked I was to your short film simply based off the piano playing. It was a fantastic use of music!". Leisa, writes a lot of the songs for her films. She says, "Films are an outlet for all the things I love most, writing, singing/songwriting and being behind the camera."

Leisa is also Director of her own Independent International Film Festival, Luna Lumen Film Festival. The festival is on it's 4th annual competition. She loves acknowledging fellow filmmakers from around the world. Leisa is over all development of the online festival and has ideas for its evolvement to a live event as well in the future.

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