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There are many ways to help and make a difference in the world. Even if it be in a small way. One person CAN make a difference. How small is it really if you help one person? NOT SMALL AT ALL! Your positive act causes a Butterfly Effect that can grow in ways that you may never see. The accumulation of small positive action by many can help make the world a healthier, safer and kinder planet.  Here are some of Leisa Universe causes.

Leisa Universe is an advocate to stop bullying and was a victim of severe bullying for 2 years in High School due to a group of bullies that invaded her life at school, in her local town and even at home.  She knows personally what bullying can do to ones psychological state. STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING by speaking out.  Go to to learn more. 

Leisa Universe is an advocate for Railroad crossing safety. Many areas rural and urban have unsafe crossings. Unsafe means NO BARRIER. President Biden provided a $600 million grant for crossing elimination and safety. If you have unsafe crossings in your area reach out to your local representatives. Inform them you know of the grant and the local representatives can connect you with groups that can apply for the grant. Get as much information needed together about why your crossing needs additional safety measures.  Click here to see grant information.

Innovative ideas. Leisa Universe looks for innovative ideas and try to make connections and educate those in relative industries. Certain vehicles can get hung up on railroad tracks. Semi trucks, RV's can bottom out. We researched and found a company that has created a device that these said vehicles can have available in the event a vehicle is caught on the tracks that can warn the coming train in ample time to stop. It's these kinds of innovative ideas that we look for to help bring awareness to these new inventions. 

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