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There are many ways to help and make a difference in the world. Even if it be in a small way. One person CAN make a difference. How small is it really if you help one person? NOT SMALL AT ALL! Your positive act causes a Butterfly Effect that can grow in ways that you may never see. The accumulation of small positive actions by many can help make the world a healthier, safer and kinder planet and helps the planet to evolve in ways that make the difference for future generations. Here are some of Leisa Universe causes.

Justine Bateman speaks right on track in the video above regarding body positivity as she is discussing aging. Her discussion gives step by step instructions we highlighted.  Grow this movement for yourself and future generations. 

  1. Like/Love yourself

  2. What do you fear? Find out what you are scared of.

  3. Talk with a friend or therapist and/or journal on how it makes you feel when rude comments by others are made about your body/face to further pinpoint the root of the fear. Are you afraid of losing a mate? Job? Beauty? 

  4. Nothing about your body will prevent your opportunities but your fear WILL. Opportunities will come to you when you believe in yourself. 

  5. Fear grows onto others spreading and continuing the problem instead be a beacon of light.

  6. Don't believe the "hype" the lies that will veer you off your path.

  7. When you get rid of the fear from the inside of yourself it will help you to stay on your path and evolve. 

Leisa Universe is an advocate to stop bullying and was a victim of severe bullying for 2 years in High School due to a group of bullies that invaded Leisa's life at school, in her local town and even at home.  She knows personally what bullying can do to ones psychological state. STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING by speaking out.  Go to to learn more. 

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