And Crown thy good with Brotherhood...

Being in the land of freedom also means we live in a land of laws. The purpose of law is to create order for the safety of ALL. With the Pandemic and so many having varied opinions it is any wonder why often government has to involve themselves with instruction that forces those less responsible to responsibility. These laws don't remove the freedom but instead make sure that all conduct themselves in consideration of others. By doing this it is also protecting those not wanting to adhere to instruction as well. There will always be nay sayers, there will always be false propaganda, there will always be conspiracy theories but, truth is scientific facts will always win over ANY of it.

This Independence Day will be unlike any other we will face. Your freedom will allow you

to go into large groups of people not respecting or adhering to the executive orders put into place for the safety of all including yourself. You may go to such an outing and think you have the right to celebrate this day any way you want because after all, it's about freedom right? You may have your fun games and bets on who gets the virus first and wins the jackpot. You will have a total blast because it's the 4th of July dammit.

Then, in a few days, you could very well catch COVID19 at this gathering and may or may not get the symptoms but be a carrier and maybe give it to someone else and maybe even someone of high risk that even could be a veteran who fought for your freedom and survived a war amongst enemies and die in a quarantined hospital room alone because of the thoughtlessness of his own brothers. As the song eloquently states, "And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea."

Happy Independence Day to ALL and I hope you choose to be SAFE and THOUGHTFUL and THANKFUL not only this day but always.


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