Are you Up There or Out There?

Updated: Aug 12

There is growing upward or growing outward. Growing outward is growing from ego while growing upward is growing from spiritual nourishment of eternal value. If you follow people who are egotistical and possess narcissistic and fanatical behavior then soon, you will reflect those same attributes. This is a slippery slope for any who choose to ski it.

You know someone is being fed egotistical teachings by the things they discuss and behavior patterns. A person that is religious and studies the bible you would think is growing upward but that's not necessarily true.

The reason there are so many Christian religions is because of interpretations. No other religion has so many divisions of beliefs than the Christian religion. Therefore, to assume all Christians are growing upward or any religion for that matter is not guaranteed. Many of history's most evil people proclaimed religion for their purpose. Hitler and White Supremacist had and have claimed Christianity for their cause.

Skiing leads to the bottom of the mountain but, its the climbing that takes you higher. Those skiing get to the bottom and take a lift to the top and go back down again. It's all about fast pace for the thrill feelings. Extreme behavior leads to extreme thrills of radical thinking.

When you climb the mountain, all the good nourishment that got you there will last and help you for the next climb. Each step has prepared you. You have learned and acclimated to the conditions that you have faced. This is going upward. You will want good things for all people such as world peace, equality and unity.

Skiing is going outward. You aren't climbing up and your aren't walking down. There is no acclimating. This causes you to grab onto such things as conspiracy theories, radical and extreme thinking and ideas that are not grounded. If the people you follow are Jesus all the way to bizarre radical thinkers then this is an oxymoron because the two work against each other. The fast pace of radical thinking (skiing down the mountain fast) confuses your equilibrium and thought process and causes you to easily grab onto extreme ideas. Thus the saying, "It's a slippery slope" is true indeed.

So, are you up there or out there?

Below is a song I wrote, "The Moon is Shining". The song says, "It's OK if you're feeling out of control, it's OK if you can't feel your soul. You know where you're going you know where you've been." Till next time, Peace always.


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