Does crying about something mean you care?

Updated: Jul 17

Often, we will be upset and cry. This can be about something sad or even when you're mad. But, if we cry does that mean we care? Sayings like, "Don't cry over spilled milk" shows how we often cry just because we don't feel there is anything else to do. So, this produces emotions that bring forth tears. Have you ever known someone that cries too much? It's hard to show compassion to someone who cries over everything versus someone who rarely allows you see those emotions.

I recently was in a discussion about Black Lives Matter with someone who was being harsh about peaceful protesting because of the not so peaceful protesters. To elaborate that she was compassionate about the issue, she explained how when she watched a particular news segment about the issue that she cried when seeing it. My comment to that is, "So, what are you going to do about it?". The term "Crocodile Tears" is another statement about crying. Crocodiles have tear ducts but weep to lubricate their eyes, it has nothing to do with emotion. This term is often said when someone is being fake about something. After-all, how can one weep for humanity and in the same moment not hear what the person their weeping for is saying?

You can cry about the pandemic and the loss of life but, the moment you have to wear a mask to help others you make excuses why you shouldn't wear it? Crying is a personal emotion brought forth by your own feelings about something. The examples above clearly show that crying doesn't mean you care at all. Caring takes action to do something about it and crying only releases your own anguish about it. I'll end with my own quote, "When the world is in crisis, stop crying and start caring." Peace always!


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