Reaching for the Stars

Many of us as we move along in life become complacent. It's human nature to settle in to comfort of what we know. This can happen even if we aren't in the best of situations. Society in the past has taught us that as we approach a certain age it's too late to pursue things you didn't pursue early on. This mindset is slowly changing however, this attitude still exists with most.

No matter how old you are it is important to realize you still have a purpose and as long as your alive and still kicking it's never too late. Do what you love and love what what you do.

I decided to pursue my love of films. Writing and Directing is a true love of mine. What better way to convey your message then to have a film that displays your thoughts and ideas about life?

I have submitted my first short film to The Sundance Film Festival. I had been getting feedback from a collaborative community that boosted my confidence. This along with friends that encouraged me and helped me to realize I have a gift that I need to utilize. Film is a way that long after I'm gone the message of my words will still reach out.

Reach for the stars because there is one with YOUR name on it and if not...find one and put your name on it.


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