The Truth That Sets You Free

One of the things I'm known for the most is just being exactly who I am. Some might say, "Of course you are who else are you going to be?". Well, truth is most people withhold a part of themselves. They put to sleep their aspirations, dreams and deep emotions that identify them as to who they are. They conform to what others expect and this causes them to put to sleep a part of themselves that is their true essence.

My personalty is not one that allows this to happen. When I start settling in and feeling too comfortable, my soul stirs within knowing that I have to go outside of that to continue on to my journey and achieve what I am supposed to achieve in this life.

When you have experiences in life that changes you, it puts you on a path where you are paving the way for yourself. Following a path that somebody else paved is not a path you are supposed to be on. The evolving of your soul has everything to do with living by your own experiences and not by the experiences of others.

I do know this, if you are on a path of a belief system that was taught to you than you are living a life based on another persons experience. No person can teach another the truth that lives inside each one of us. You have to find your own truth that is deep inside of you. This is a deep and beautiful journey that will give you a clear picture of what was...what is...and what will always be. Till next time Peace Always! Below is a song I wrote The Face of Time (A Place).

We must dig deep within our own souls to find the truth. It is that truth that sets you free.


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